Friday, July 17, 2015

Sound travels!

I have been reading up a bit on how travel preferences speak volumes about the kind of person you are. I thought it would be a good idea to share my staple song list that remains the music to my ears whenever I hit the road. I hope that should I meet any of you around the bend sometime, we can share more music along with a few laughs.

Hotel California, unplugged version - The Eagles
This version of the song is my pick-me-up. I hear it to ease into sleep or to kickstart a long day. It's an any time song to me. On the road, however, this song really helps me think clearer, sing along and generate better ideas. Oh! I am listening to it right now.

Happy - Pharrell Williams
This is my song of choice when I have put off packing for the last moment and need some "love" to get me going for a long trip. The peppy number is best for looking at the bright side of things, specially when it is all my fault!

Elements of life - Tiesto
Although my trance-loving days are far behind me now, I always find myself returning to the magic of this track. Progressive psychedelic is more me but this EDM track makes difficult moments on the trip seem easy.

Wild World - Cat Stevens
Travel, mainly solo travel, makes me quite morose. Contemplation leads to painful memories as travel often acts as a vent to let go of the past in the oncoming wind. This is the perfect song to ease into the present for me.

A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth
Long drives can be painfully slow and sometimes, all I need is some Ryan Gosling on my side. This song was the first time I noticed the gorgeous actor. The retro sound of the track makes me see real life in sepia. I usually follow this track by Under your spell from the same film.

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