Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On The Occasion Of Global Day Of Parents, Plan Your Trip To India With Them!

The United Nations declared June 1 to be the annual Global Day of Parents on 2012. "The Global Day provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship," the UN website says.

It is not uncommon to leave parents behind when you head out for your travel and yet, there have several heart-rending occasions when children have helped realise their parent's dream to travel to distant places.

India, with its colourful sights and sounds, makes for a great travel experience with your parents. Recently, #Alpaviram hosted Nick and his beautiful wife Stephanie - a Calfornian couple based in Singapore - at the India capital. Both of them enjoyed their trip through the city and kept updating their children about their experience.

After their return, #Alpaviram got in touch with them for inputs on the challenges they faces while in India and here is what Nick had to say:

The main problem that I faced was getting a taxi from the airport to the hotel. This happened both times I arrived at the internal terminal at Delhi (I didn’t need to take a taxi from the international terminal when I first arrived). I booked at the police-approved taxi booth and got into one of the small tuk-tuk-like black taxis. The first time the driver understood the street where the hotel is, but he didn’t know the hotel (the same one where you met us). Luckily I saw it as we drove past.
The second time, we were trying to go to one of the airport hotels near the international terminal to catch our flight early the next morning. The driver did not understand any english (OK, I shouldn’t expect that), but he couldn’t read the map either. He was given instructions by someone at the airport, but didn’t appear to understand them, and didn’t seem to know anything about the airport hotels. This seems crazy to me – how can you be a taxi driver at the airport and not know at least the airport hotels? He just drove without any idea where the hotel was. At every hotel he asked if this was it. We had no idea if we were going in the right direction. Eventually he stopped a policeman, and, amazingly, the policeman was able to point at the hotel, which was just visible at this point. This was a great relief. The driver still managed to enter the hotel the wrong way.
So, I guess my issue is that the police-approved taxi drivers should have at least the basic skills of a big-city taxi driver.

Here's the couple posing at the Iron Pillar at Qutub Minar Complex! Gift your parents a safe and happy experience in India, book your trip with #Alpaviram.

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