Saturday, May 21, 2016

Kushinagar: The final resting place of The Buddha

The path of The Buddha was never an easy one. Perhaps that is what makes him even more relevant to our times. His wisdom was the key to the balance we seek. He lived a very active life to the very end. This can be seen clearly in the number of monuments scattered in Kushinagar, Uttarakhand Pradesh - Buddha's resting place.

It is believed that Buddha died of something he had eaten on his journey towards his birthplace, Lumbini. Kushinagar is almost like time stands still as all the participants of those moments still remains today. Like the river Buddha crossed after resuming his journey after the meal, the place he stopped to rest when he felt unwell, the place his soul left the body as well as the spot where he was cremated.

My visit to Kushinagar was a deeply spiritual one. While I spent most of my time at the local Yama Cafe, the message of working out the simplest path to peace, everyday was not lost on me.

A number of stupas from a number of countries have found space here as homage to the wise Buddha. Thousands of people visit Kushinagar every year and Buddha calmly continues to smile at us all.

I travel to Kushinagar quite often and I would be happy to take you to all the places I have mentioned here. Please connect with to co-ordinate the trip with me.

--Priya Tripathy

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