Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A new chapter in art

This past weekend presented an unusual opportunity for me to lead a walk through a brand new art destination in New Delhi. Lodhi Colony in south Delhi is being transformed into Delhi's first Art District with the largest number of international artists brought together to paint the walls of the government employees. Since its inception, four years ago, ST.Art India has been bringing international graffiti artists to collaborate with the best of Indian artists and promote street art.

During our walk we witnessed the latest paint on the walls, like the one above by a Japanese artist who used the lotus motif to paint his name.

Rakesh Memrot's gond art inspired mural wowed everyone on the walk. The beautiful elephant at the centre of the mural was painstakingly crafted over two nights while the remaining mural was filled in by volunteers with an intellegent incorporation of stencils by volunteers.

The above painting is called Lava Tree and is the creation of Delhi-based artist Anpu Varkey. She has been experimenting with various styles and motifs and has also collaborated with an international artist to paint the Mahatma Gandhi mural at ITO created during the first edition of St.Art.

The true historic moment in the walk was watching Delhi-based artist Amitabh Kumar painting his mural. His work is inspired by Indian mythology and the few completed portions are truly inspiring. We cannot wait to see the completed work. See one completed section below:

We often rue the absence of exposure to our history and cultural heritage and to witness our history being painted right before our eyes was a great privilege. Should you wish to witness the same head to Lodhi Art District at once or contact us for a guided walk through the district.

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  1. I will do the curated walk, if ever required. let me know :)