Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Legend Of The Gurugram And Why We Need To Remember It

Everything about Haryana becomes a joke. Not sure why but everyone seems to have a rather convoluted notion about the residents of this state. With the Central Government deciding to rename Gurgaon as Gurugram, social media is suddenly bursting at its seams with mindless jokes and senseless comparisons, such as...

Gurgaon becomes Gurugram
Kolkata will become Kilogram
Mumbai will become Milligram
Chennai to become Centigram

Like, really?

Since, we - the young Indians - are so ashamed of our culture and since all our mythological tales are nothing but fiction of our ancestor's imagination, here's a look at what Gurugram and its relevance is.

Gurugram is actually the seat of Guru Dronacharya, the master of military arts and of divine weapons (because calling them 'astras' is no uncool, right?) This is the place, the gram (village) where the sons of the noblest families gathered to learn their skills. Where discussions on spirituality, humanity and brotherhood were encouraged. Politics was debated, leadership was inculcated. This is where it all happened.

After Independence, Haryana struggled with struggle among its communities and became the poster image of lawlessness and brawny hulks who want to beat up everyone (wait, wasn't that Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as well?) So, if Haryana gets or attempts any change to move closer to its roots by altering a few names, the rest of the country cannot present a shred of grace.

I'd like to end by dwelling on the sad fate of the Guru after who the city has been named. Such was the skill and prowess of Guru Dronacharya that Lord Krishna had to trick him to his death. He died of a broken heart on being falsely informed of his son's death.

Those who have spent time in Haryana know that like the rest of the country, the people are kind and helpful. They have been at the receiving end of crude jokes and laughed along with every one else. It is about time the rest of the 'civilised' country gave took a dignified bow out of this 'naming' business. The city has its share of issues, like any other city but it does not need to be laughed at all the bloody time!

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  1. Thank you for this.
    I have had painful conversations with morons who dont know why Guru Drona metro station is called that. And think that Gurgaon was where Gur was grown!!! They should really go and grow some gur, before they deride a place or it's people.