Saturday, January 2, 2016

Here's to driving you mad...

There has been much talk about Delhi's odd-even private car regulation that has come to effect since January 1. Several car users find the system strange and there's much to hear about the rule across the city. In fact, Ahmedabad is also planning to launch a similar traffic regulation in the days to come. Alpaviram brings you a list of strange traffic rules from around the world...

No women drivers in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive. A woman in the driving seat can be fined heavily, detained by the police or deported. In 2015, the King's advisory suggested that women above 30 be allowed to drive before 8 pm and without using make-up.

No shirtless driving in Thailand
The heat can be unbearable but Thai authorities ensure that you keep your shirt on while you drive in the country.

Don't splash a pedestrian in Japan
If you are driving in the rain on your visit to Japan, make sure you do not splash a pedestrian as it may cost you $65 as fine.

Auto emission car sticker in Berlin
Don't forget to ensure that you hail a taxi or private car with a proper auto car emission sticker or you could be fined $60 for it.

Don't stop for the pedestrian!
Beijing, China gives car drivers more leverage than pedestrians and you are not required to stop to allow someone to pass. In fact, if you stop for a pedestrian you could be fined and issued a warning.

Headlights on at all times
While driving through Sweden you are required to keep your headlights on irrespective of the time. Failing to do so, invites a fine.

Dirty cars off the street
In Dubai, you are not allowed to drive a dirty car. You are also not allowed to wash the car outside your own residence! And don't try to run to Russia either. It is illegal to drive dirty cars in Russia as well.

Off with the numberplate!
If you park your car illegally in Greece, the police will simply take away your numberplate. Go figure!

Full tank for AutoBahn
Drivers are not allowed to stop for fuel on the famous stretch in Germany. Make sure you have all the gas you need for the trip.

Don't drive blindfolded or on the sidewalk
USA takes the cake! Traffic rules include driving without the use of blindfolds (HUH!) and not driving on a sidewalk (yes, really!)It is also illegal in Massachusetts to drive with a gorilla in the backseat.

Know some more? Share with us in the comments box for no fine at all.

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