Friday, August 14, 2015

A museum for serious car lovers!

The two-hour drive is totally worth the destination because once you are inside the Heritage Transport Museum in Bhiwadi, you are transported to a different world.

One man's passion for cars has led to the creation of a collection so massive, he had to turn it into a museum!

Apart from "car art", there is a host of vintage Porshes, buses, ambassadors and even Bentleys. Pardon me for my biases, there are several more rare car models to ogle at and click selfies with.

But it is not just fun and games. A detailed history of the evolution of transport in the Indian subcontinent is well worth the walk. The museum is designed in a manner that allows you to walk along the developments in this field.

From the earliest known means of travel by animal-driven carts and man-carried palkis, the gradual development is very well-chronicled.

There's even an interesting montage of the how the steam engine gradually turned into the electric-operated engines of today, all the way to the bullet trains! A heritage compartment of a luxurious train of a former royal family in Rajasthan is also open for visitors to experience.

But I won't spoil your thrill of the journey for the third floor, where you can see the mechanism for yourself and even get a hands-on experience of the motors. Not to forget the scooter section which has a strong nostalgic effect on grown-ups. There are quaint corners decked with installation art from cycle pieces to gond art depicting transport and a very interesting section on truck art of India versus that of Pakistan. And then there's some more... the full tour takes four hours and once you've seen it you would wish for more.

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