Friday, May 16, 2014

Luxury fit for Gods

This blog is a long-pending compilation of my journeys across India and the decision to finally get cracking on it came on a stormy night during my recent stay at Pushkar Resort in Rajasthan. A hailstorm in a desert is surely meant to be an omen, don't you think. Being the ardent believer that I am, I decided to put my thoughts into the blog and write the memories of destinations, that I had rarely shared with the publications I worked for, afresh.

So, it was hailing outside the plush super deluxe room in the resort at Pushkar. For those that do not know me, I m a bearer of rain in Rajasthan and I am positive that I have a strong past life connect with the state. I never seem to lose my way in Rajasthan. It's almost like I know every grain of dust and every drop in the sacred lakes of the area or as I like to say, the land knows the soil I am made of. But I am drifting from the point yet again. Pushkar Resorts is the oldest resort in the city and has remained an exclusive experience for internatyional visitors for the longest time. In recent years, the resort has opened its doors for domestic travellers as well.

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